As a visionary leader, I see many different challenges that one may face in life; whether those challenges be spiritually, physically, mentally, or financially. As a visionary leader, I consider these challenges as bridges. In order for a person to get from one side to the other side, that bridge must be crossed.

There are many attacks of the enemy. Just to name a few, these attacks are: fear, doubt, confusion, deception, and most of the time, just a lack of motivation and understanding. When a person lives his or her life under such attacks, without help, they will never cross over, or step into their God-Given Purpose.

I believe that God has called Spring Valley to make disciples (followers of Jesus) by teaching those disciples biblical, profound, and prophetic truths, which will have a local and global impact in the lives of His people.

People are hurting. We all have hurts and need answers. Over the years and even before my tenure, “The Valley”, has yielded and opened herself up to a true move of God. In doing so, this was done by recognizing the spirit of religion and by challenges traditions. So therefore, God has chosen this house to be a house of healing and restoration.

-invite people to “The Valley”
-look for people who are looking for answers
-offer them relevant solutions
-help them implement those solutions

-to have a true desire to love God and His people
-to help those who are hurting
-to make disciples
-to help and nurture others to have a closer and meaningful relationship with God

                                                                                                ---Apostle Johnny McDonald



     Apostle Johnny McDonald united with the Spring Valley Baptist Church family in February 2011.  He is dedicated to building God’s Kingdom one member or one family at a time.  His life is dedicated to living by example and encouraging men and women on how to live to their full potential in Christ.  He has an anointing for teaching and counseling, he does it with humor, warmth, and his God given strength. 

Apostle McDonald vision begins with a commitment to reach people of all walks of life regardless of race, gender or age and without compromising on the faith that once was delivered by the Lord Jesus Christ.  He leads the church by pouring the Word of God into the lives of men, women, and children from all walks of life.  He believes in operating within the guidance and parameter established by the Bible; it’s his responsibility to lead the congregation in accomplishing God’s ordained functions on this earth.  Apostle McDonald truly believes that before a person can understand or appreciate a Pastor’s vision for the church, the Pastor himself should understand what the mission, the vision and purpose truly is for the church.

Under Apostle McDonald’s leadership, the Bridge Crossing School of Theology was established at the Spring Valley Baptist Church on August 2016.  Apostle McDonald was the first student to finish coursework for the Diploma in Theology.

Apostle McDonald has been happily married for over 25 years to Valerie.  They are the proud parents of one son, Johnny and their first grandson Zayden.

     Apostle/Pastor Johnny McDonald